The prized possession and signature weapon of Franciszek Borowski. Though Franciszek accepted weapons training in the sword from Art Valentine, he made it clear that the only weapon he would prefer to use was his trusty crowbar.

During his life as a cabbie, Frank was robbed at gunpoint early in his career. Following that initial robbery, he took his old crowbar from his shed and kept it next to him while driving. He had used it on several occasions, though mainly as a threatening deterrent rather than in combat. It kept him safe for nearly 15 years of driving.

When Art Valentine‘s magic called to Frank, he took only the clothes on his back, his cab and vigilance with him on the road to Birmingham and his destiny. Frank was killed in his sleep by Lance Benwick and was unable to use his crowbar to defend himself. When Art Valentine found Frank’s body, he took Vigilance with him before burning down the motel, and later used the crowbar to break into a Salvation Army store. Since then, it has wound up in the The Church of the First Blood’s armoury, though it has not been used since.

The crowbar is old, and worn, but dependable and durable. Though not intended as a weapon, it can be used to devastating effect as a club. It does Str + 1L damage and can be concealed in a jacket.


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