Tsyakuren, The Poison Sky

The ancestral blade of The Ninube Clan. The blade is a powerful wonder and makes it easy for the wielder to strike down multiple opponents in a single swing. Akiko stole it from the Ninube just before she defected to the Traditions and wielded it for some time despite the curse of the blade.

Tsyakuren was forged by Chojiru the molten earth Kami as a payment for Ninube’s hand in marriage, she accepted graciously as this was the finest sword she had ever yet seen.

Following Akiko Ninube‘s death, Tsyakuren was returned to the Ninube in exchange for Rory Cooper’s skin and to end the hostilities between the Ninube and The Misfits.


System: The handiwork of the kami Chojiru, Tsyakuren is a deadly weapon indeed. The blade innately reduces the difficulty of all attack, parry, and damage rolls by 3, and increases the difficulty of targets’ soak rolls by 3. The blade has an Arete of 2, and can store 10 quintessence. By spending a point of the stored quintessence, Tsyakuren’s wielder can roll its Arete at a difficulty of 5 to add dice of damage to the attack for each success.

Because of centuries of Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces’s baleful influence on the sword, the blade of Tsyakuren disappears in direct sunlight, and appears thin and insubstantial in bright lights. Those who possess such a fearsome killing tool are also more likely to resort to violence as a first, rather than last, resort.

Tsyakuren, The Poison Sky

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