The Renouncers

The Renouncers are a group of Demons who willingly left Hell after disagreeing with the methods employed by the Legion. Tired of the endless pain, torture, and suffering; the Renouncers crossed the veil during the “Harmonic Convergence” in Birmingham, when the gauntlet separating the mortal realm from the spiritual was rent asunder. The Renouncers were tipped off to this coming event by Ava Frost who offered the information and help provided that the Renouncers operate for her “off the books” when called upon to do so. The Renouncers, requiring mortal hosts for their spiritual selves to inhabit, chose their targets carefully, selecting people who were considered a drain on society and were unlikely to be missed. After crossing the veil, the demons possessed mortal hosts with such ferocity that the original inhabitants of the bodies were completely destroyed, but leaving their memories for the demons to utilize. Though they turned a new leaf and tried to become upstanding citizens, the Renouncers found little shelter in the mortal realm as their members began to disappear under mysterious circumstances, seemingly without a trace. The Renouncers sought out help from Ava Frost who put them in touch with Nicholas Black, one of the Fallen Angels who operates in Birmingham. Nicholas soon learned that the Renouncers were falling victim to The Child of Night, a necromancer bound to serve Hell for two millennia. She had been abducting them and utilizing her strong magic to bend their will to serve her. In so doing she moved off the book assets belonging to Ava Frost to her own cause, getting her revenge against Ava who bound her to Hell’s service. Having been involved in her downfall, Nicholas intimidated The Child of Night and pulled some political strings to make the Renouncers his official cult. He was able to rescue ten of the thirteen demons who left Hell, unable to pry two from her grasp, and the third, choosing to remain with the Necromancer.
Nicholas now finds himself the unlikely centre of a small cult, a responsibility and asset he had never wanted, and the Renouncers, originally hoping to be free of Hell’s grasp find themselves in service to it once again. At least it is to the devil they know.

1- Barrabus; Robert “Sparky” Kent
The leader of the Renouncers

2- Basluhn; Riker Griffiths

Basluhn was human before he was a demon, and is enjoying being human once again. His previous life was lived in the 1600s in France before selling his soul for true love, and he has not been out of Hell since. As such, he is still adjusting to modern life, though the memories of his human host have filled in most of the blanks for him. Riker grew up as a creative child, but when his mother died, he was forced to live with his father who used him as a mule to transport drugs from place to place. Eventually, the police and social services caught up with the Griffiths family and removed Riker to the foster care system. This did him no favours and he eventually grew up using the same kinds of drugs he once transported. After being inhabited by Basluhn, the demon went through an agonizing week of withdrawal symptoms that nearly killed him. Basluhn took that as a welcome back to earth present and proceeded to get his life together. Now, Riker drives a van as a delivery courier for a small Mom and Pop service operating out of Birmingham. Though the scourging burned most of the memories from his mind when he underwent the transformation into a demon hundreds of years ago, Basluhn has not forgotten his true love, and still dreams of her occasionally.

3- Raborhal; Ajax Montey

4- Haizech; Eric Shaw

5- Zepaxur; Joel Webb

Zepaxur was a Ninki Nanka who was bound by a powerful shaman after several children disappeared near the swamp he inhabited. When the shaman died, Zepaxur remained bound until a demon arrived to bargain with him for his freedom. He agreed to work for Hell in exchange for having his bounds removed. Though initially intending to renege on the deal, Zepaxur found himself compelled to follow through and undergo the scourging. Joel is a runaway from London who eventually ended up in Birmingham. Before Zepaxur inhabited him, Joel drank, partook of recreational drugs and other risky behaviour, though he never earned a criminal record, managing to fly under the radar of law enforcement. Despite this his life was going nowhere fast as he could never hold a steady job or stay sober for more than a day. Zepaxur inhabited Joel before there could be irreparable harm to his liver. Joel now works as a janitor at a mall in Birmingham.

6- Praorune; Laurel Campbell

Praorune was a Nixe, a shapeshifting water spirit who inhabited the Germanic regions and lured people to their watery dooms. She was eventually driven out of the mortal realm by a group of Christian knights following the rise of Christianity in the west. She wandered the umbra for some time before being approached by a demon with an offer. Laurel came from a broken family. Her mother left when she was young and her father was rarely sober and never worked. Raised in poverty, she was intrigued when her friend Stacey told her that she was making over a thousand pounds a week entertaining a select clientele. The clients were not as glamorous as Stacey promised, nor was the money as good as her “agent” took a majority of her earnings. Laurel began taking payment in drugs. Praorune found Laurel before she could fall too far down the path of a lady of the evening. Laurel now works as a life guard at two of Birmingham’s city pools.

7- Hyomezal; Sean Knight

8- Shinech; Tiffany Pearson

9- Azaxobur; Howard Pearce

Azaxobur is an opportunist Imp who learned of an interesting upcoming occurrence from his friend Dalgarnos. Azaxobur was created in and served his entire life in Hell as a messenger and courtier for his masters. Howie was a normal young man set for the Ivy leagues before one fateful night where he had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel of a car one of his friends stole on a dare. Fortunately for him, he was relatively unharmed by the head on collision, but the family in the other car was not so lucky. Howie and his friend fled the scene, but Howie was never the same after seeing the obituaries in the paper two days later. He turned heavily to sedatives and anti anxiety meds to dull his senses and quiet his mind, his desire and dreams of college went up in smoke and the scholarships were recalled. No one ever found out of Howie’s involvement but it ate him up inside for two years. Azaxobur found Howard in a puddle of his own urine in an unfurnished apartment in the Gun Quarter. Howard now works as a grocery store clerk and is trying to save enough money to go to college, even if it is a couple of years after he had initially planned.

10- Yasome; Jill Day

A Tsuchinoko recruited by Hell centuries past, Yasome was a fast moving and rebellious spider-yokai who attempted to resist the divine imperial court from her stronghold in the mountains, but was ultimately driven out. She sought refuge with the Fallen Angels when they began to recruit other kinds of demons and monsters to their cause. Jill had her life together until she hit puberty and fell in with the wrong group of kids, particularly Kenni, the wrong boyfriend. Despite the abuse, she stuck around, believing that she was in love and hoping that he would keep his promises and change his behaviour. Yasome inhabited Jill following a particularly brutal encounter with her boyfriend that broke several of her ribs. Some weeks later, Kenni came looking for Jill to renew the relationship. He has been missing since then. Jill recently took a job in retail, selling makeup.

Shortly after Nicholas Black officially acquired the Renouncers, they began to fall prey to bouts of psychosis. Acting quickly, Nicholas rounded them up and secreted them away to his rural property and utilized the help of Elizabeth Granger to learn that the previously kidnapped Renouncers had been programmed with subconscious impulses in the same way that government sleeper agents are created. With some time and hard work, Elizabeth and Nicholas were successfully able to deprogram them. Nicholas then consolidated the Renouncers at Churchill Farms to allow for easy protection, and easy access. Though the Renouncers are not well versed in agriculture, they have enjoyed what has become a more normal life, and the peace that the countryside offers.

The Renouncers

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