The Prometheus Building

The Prometheus Building is a massive skyscraper in Birmingham’s city centre. Over 100 stories tall, the building is home to a number of law offices, financial institutions, think tanks, and R&D firms. In addition to its legitimate purposes, the Prometheus Building is also the main base of operations of Mastermind. The building stands out not only for its size; it has a unique, pentagonal shape, and the windows are all silver and reflective. The courtyard of the building is home to an impressive fire fountain, and the main entrance is flanked by massive granite sculptures of Atlas.

The main floor of the building is taken up by an immense lobby, which mirrors the grandeur of the courtyard. A legion of receptionists help guests find their way in the building, and security guards keep on eye on those who would cause trouble.

The Prometheus building has almost as much real estate below ground as it does above, which is devoted to the more sensitive work of the Technocracy – for instance, the clone labs were located in the below ground areas, until they were destroyed in a joint attack by The Ascension Warriors and The Misfits.

In addition to its army of regular security guards, The Prometheus building also maintains a small force of highly trained and heavily armed security specialists. This small force was decimated in the attack on the clone labs, but Julian Sinclair pulled some strings to have the forces replaced by soldiers from other nearby Amalgams.

The Prometheus Building suffered a second devastating attack by the Misfits in August of 1985 while they were attempting to rescue Sarah Giles from the depths of the facility. This attack was coordinated with a city riot which prevented the city police from getting involved and also with Alison “Ally” Graves and the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood who further crippled Technocratic defences. While the Technocrats were successful in killing bothAkiko Ninube and Sarah Giles, it cost them over twenty highly trained security agents and their recently reclaimed prototype construct T-13. Furthermore, the amalgam suffered an additional loss when Sarah Giles managed to upload a potent virus which crippled the building’s security and defence systems and infected the mind of E.V.A., driving her insane. The building suffered significant property damage.

The Prometheus Building

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