The Ninube Compound


The Ninube compound is at the top of Mount Rishiri in Japan, off the coast of Hokkaido, and appears as a small, feudal village. The sheer cliffs surrounding the compound mean only the most talented or dedicated can reach it, and countless warding scrolls protect the area from magical intrusion and scrying. In addition to dormitories, a small kitchen, a number of dojos, an interrogation chamber, the compound also has a very well-stocked armory that includes a number of potent magical artifacts, such as The Mask of Changing. Karasu oversees the operations of the clan from his Throne of Shadows, which can be found in the receiving room that adjoins his private chambers.

Karasu’s namesake, ravens, flock to the compound. Not only do they act as an additional layer of security, they also assist the clan in their training (acolytes who can not move about the compound without disturbing the ravens are whipped).

Despite its location high in the mountains, the weather of the compound seems to be impervious to the seasons – the temperature remains bearable, but slightly uncomfortably cold, all year round.

The Ninube were destroyed by the combined efforts of The Misfits and The Sleeping Dragons. Master Jade, whose hatred of the Ninube is legendary, cracked the mountain in two with a single mighty blow, essentially destroying the remains of the Ninube compound, and making the node there essentially inaccessible.

The Ninube Compound

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