The Ninube Clan

The Ninube are a clan of mystically-imbued, professional assassins that operate out of Japan. Lead by Karasu Ninube, or “Otosan”, the clan numbers 33 (32, in the wake of Akiko Ninube’s departure). 12 of the members of the clan are fully awakened ninjas, while the remainder are split between linear mages and non-magical acolytes.

Agents of the Ninube can be hired to perform an assassination for the price of one pound of gold; there are no stipulations regarding acceptable targets, as long as the price is paid – women, children, important politicians, unscrupulous business men… The challenge in working with the Ninube is contacting them, but there are a few people within the ranks of the yakuza who know how to communicate with the Ninube.

Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces is the patron of the Ninube Clan. This primordial spirit of Nothingness wishes to subsume the world into himself, extinguishing existence itself. In the mean time, he seems to have a strange fascination with faces, and demands that the members of the Ninube clan give him their faces in exchange for his powers. As the power of the Ninube clan grows, so too does the power of Noh, and vice-versa.

Currently, the Ninube are engaged in a campaign to bring back one of their own: the prodigal daughter, Akiko Ninube. Failing that, they must reclaim the sword she took with her: Tsakyuren. Tobi and a number of acolytes followed her to Birmingham, and to the The Church of the First Blood. Observing that the Church was too well defended for an assault, Tobi had the acolytes ambush and kidnap Rory Cooper. Akiko Ninube bravely rescued Rory, but was unable to get him home – Nicholas Black arrived to help them escape, but the trio were accosted by Karasu and more acolytes. After a difficult battle, in which Akiko was maimed, The Misfits managed to flee into the Umbra, but encountered Noh himself before making it back to Birmingham.

Nicholas Black was approached by members of the Ninube clan several weeks after Akiko’s passing and negotiated with them returning Tsyakuren, The Poison Sky to their custody in exchange for a piece of Rory Cooper’s skin held in the clan’s possession.

During Christmas of 1986, The Sleeping Dragons, in coordination with the The Misfits launched an attack against the Ninube to remove their influence from the world. While the Misfits attacked Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces in the spirit realm, the Sleeping Dragons killed the entirety of the Ninube clan’s network of informants and allies. The two cabals then united to attack the The Ninube Compound itself. The Ninube were killed to a man, though it cost both the Misfits and the Dragons dearly with the deaths of their wise elders in both Martin Vincent and Zhao Shu “Iron”.

Karasu “Otosan” Ninube – Deceased
Tobi – Deceased
Akiko Ninube (former)

The Ninube Compound

The Ninube Clan

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