The Mirror of Revelations


The Mirror of Revelation is a powerful artifact possessed by The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis. Appearing as an ornate looking glass, the Mirror of Revelations is in fact a scrying device, that can show distant locations, as well as look into the past. Past visions are presented with stunning clarity, while present visions are often hazy. The Mirror is actually the product of collaboration between several cabals of the Covenant. What appears to be glass is actually a suspension of quicksilver, harvested from an alchemically perfect Philosopher’s Stone. Its unique composition makes the Mirror of Revelations very adept at penetrating all but the most powerful wards against scrying. The Mirror of Revelations is often used by the Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lys to divine guilt or innocence, or to determine whether individuals are worthy.

Rangda used the Mirror of Revelation to prove David Joy’s guilt when she accused him of diabolism.

The Mirror of Revelations can be used to divine the past and present. The Mirror lacks the ability to pierce Correspondence wards to prevent scrying, but can pierce even the strongest Time wards. As such, the Mirror is best used for viewing events that have already happened. The Mirror is even more effective when the subject of divination is reflected in The Mirror.

The Mirror of Revelations has an arete of 5, and the Spirit, Correspondence, and Time Spheres for the purposes of divination. The Mirror can innately pierce up to five points of Time Warding, and if the subject of the divination is currently being reflected in The Mirror, it can entirely negate any Time Ward not cast by an Archmaster. This ability is only useful for divining the past, and does not work for divining the future.

The Mirror of Revelations

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