The Mask of Changing

The Mask of Changing is a powerful magical artifact possessed by the The Ninube Clan. The highest ranked members of the clan literally sell their faces to Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces. In place of a face, they have nothing but smooth flesh. Although the most powerful members of the clan, such as Karasu “Otosan” Ninube, can project a mental image of a face into the minds of others, less powerful members occasionally need to deal with outsiders who might be discomfited by their conditions. In such a case, the ninja makes use of The Mask of Changing.

When placed upon the face, The Mask of Changing literally alters the flesh of the face, causing it to appear exactly as the wearer wishes when the mask is removed. Any facial features can be constructed, and the mask can even change skin tones (but only for areas that the mask itself covers). The changes wrought by the mask are permanent, but most members of the Ninube clan return to their faceless state when their business is concluded, as being faceless is a condition that brings with it high honour amongst the Ninube.

The Misfits acquired the Mask during the attack on the Ninube compound in the winter of 1986.


The Mask of Changing

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