The Martyrs

The Martyrs are a group of mages who work for the Catholic Church and the Celestial Chorus. They are led by Mother Mary Victoria, a world renown humanitarian figure, and they specialize in propaganda and undermining the Technocratic efforts.

As far as the cabals go, The Martyrs are considered to be heavy hitters by the Traditions and they are only sent to areas where the situation is deteriorating for Tradition interests. When the Traditions learned that a third cabal in Birmingham had been destroyed in as many months, they decided it was time to summon Mother Mary and her allies in order to regain control in Birmingham. It was no accident that the Traditions decided to send a Catholic – Celestial Chorus cabal. All three of the cabals who were eliminated were killed in some way involving Rupert Cain. The Traditions want her to keep an eye on Father Cain and turn the tide of the war for Ascension in Birmingham against the Technocrats. It is a tall order.

The Martyrs worked with the Misfits to help them hide their sanctum and fake the deaths of publicly known members, Sarah Giles and Rory Cooper. Unfortunately, they have run into trouble with their secondary goal of reversing public opinion against religion. What they initially believed would be a short fix in Birmingham now appears to be a long term project. The Martyrs have decided to remain for the foreseeable future.

The Technocracy attacked the The Mission House, home to the Martyrs in December of 1986. The assault was well coordinated, involving 12 Hitmarks, 1 specialized bioengineered creature of overwhelming psychic energy and over two dozen support staff including Carbine Security. Though the Misfits arrived to ensure that Sophie Charles was not taken by the Technocrats and attacked the Technocratic assault force from behind, they were not able to save the rest of the Martyrs, who fell under the assault.

The Martyrs

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