The Juncture

The Juncture is unquestionably Birmingham’s hottest nightclub. Originally a heritage pub in a prime downtown location, owner Max McDonald greased the right palms to get the zoning permits to rip out the interior of the pub. As such, the building exterior’s old-world aesthetic belies the nature of the inside: strobing neon lights and thumping basslines spill out over a massive dance floor, while hand-pulled pints of bitters have been replaced by trendy (and expensive) cocktails and bottles of champagne. The second floor of the building was converted to a balcony over the dance floor, so that tired patrons had a place to retire to to drink, people watch, and maybe take some cocaine.

Max truly has his finger on the pulse of the ‘80s. Cover at The Juncture is exorbitant, drink prices are outrageous, and the coat check is a joke, but people still queue up for hours just to get inside, since The Juncture is the place to see and be seen by Birmingham’s new crop of young financial workers. When the newly wealthy want to unwind, they do it at The Juncture.

James Dole is the primary bouncer at The Juncture. Although he doesn’t think much of the kinds of people who go The Juncture, his size makes him an excellent bouncer, and he does have a great deal of loyalty to Max, who always makes sure that James has drugs when he wants them, and always goes home with a fit girl when he wants to.

In his sybaritic days, The Juncture was a favoured haunt of Nicholas Black. it’s where he met Milly Chapel, and The Misfits brought Rory Cooper to the club to celebrate his Awakening. Since his move to being a pillar of the community, however, Nick hasn’t set foot in The Juncture.

The Juncture

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