Saint Gysrgs School

Located in the bucolic countryside of Bern, Switzerland is an elite institute known as Saint Gysrg’s School for Boys. One of Europe’s most prestigious boarding schools, Saint Gysrg’s has been educating the sons of the world’s most notable politicians, financiers, tastemakers, and power-players for over 300 years.

Known for the rigour of the academic course-load and the demanding discipline of the faculty, graduates of Saint Gysrg’s invariably go on to do great things, while those who can not cut it at the school languish in obscurity – never to be heard from again.

Saint Gysrgs School recently received a healthy endowment from Frost Enterprises, which was used to install a pool. Additionally, the Challenger Foundation provided the school with a large sum to offer scholarships to academically deserving but otherwise underprivileged children.


Saint Gysrgs School

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