Jon Rognavaldsson's Spirit Flask

This flask was developed and perfected by Jon Rognavaldsson over many years. It functions to trap and contain the essence of powerful spirits, even those considered to be gods.

After Jon Rognavaldsson’s death, the flask was looted by The Misfits and is currently in their possession.

Rory Cooper researched the flask from Rognavaldsson’s writings and learned how to use the flask. Simply be commanding the flask to eat, it will entrap a recently departed soul. By collecting enough of these souls, one could even use the flask to trap spirits of even greater power.



The Spirit Flask can contain the souls of mortals, the essence of awakened mages, and spirits. The souls of deceased mortals and mages are instantly trapped in the flask, so long as the flask is used very shortly after death. For ghosts and other spirits, a contested willpower roll between the user of the flask and the target is required; if the user of the flask fails the roll, the flask breaks, releasing the contained energy as a blast of quintessence, angry spirits, or more likely, some combination thereof. Spirits who have no remaining essence are automatically consumed by the flask.

The spirits contained within the flask can be used to power it. The souls of mortals can be spent on a one-to-one basis for one auto-success on the contested willpower roll. The souls of awakened mages provide one auto-success per point of arete. Spirits provide one automatic success per 10 points of rage.

Automatic successes can also be withdrawn from the flask in the form of quintessence; each automatic success grants one point of quintessence with a Entropic: Frigid resonance.

Jon Rognavaldsson's Spirit Flask

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