Inquisitor's Cross


Nicholas Black was briefly interrogated using this device. It has the power to divine whether or not a person is telling the truth, becoming molten and burning the flesh from the bones of those who lie to punish them for their sins.

Nicholas recovered this object from the body of Father Parker Rose. Upon further investigation of the object, it appears to be a very powerful artifact and not one that the Inquisition will let go of easily.

Unable to store the device safely as it tended to start fires all over his mansion due to the fission between competing energies, Nicholas sent the device through express mail to Eli, who collects rare texts and artifacts and houses them in his heavily warded mansion. As Eli is not one of the Demons and did not go through the scourging, Nicholas believes he may actually be able to store the thing. Of course, if the Inquisition manages to track down the object, they will have to go through a fallen angel in order to get it back.

Legends behind the cross suggest it is a reliquary, containing hair and blood from Tomas de Tourqemada. The cross is a 6 point wonder and can unerringly divine the truth.

Inquisitor's Cross

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