The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is a red brick university that received its royal charter in 1900, as a successor to the Birmingham Medical School and the Mason College of Science.

The University includes a law school, a medical school, and an engineering and physical sciences school amongst its programs. It boasts one of the most prestigious computer science programs in the country, and the campus also features a fully functioning observatory.

Traditionally, the University has been the domain of the The Order of the Silver Flame; both Professor Prime and Mother Abigail work as professors at the school, at least part time, and even Proteus had been an instructor in days gone by. The University is home to a very large and powerful node, which is situated at the Mermaid Fountain – the Order of the Silver Flame guard this well, and its defenses include a very powerful bound water elemental. The Order also protects a passage from the University to Elysium.

Despite the strong hold that the Order of the Silver Flame has on the University, the Technocracy pays close attention to the best and brightest graduates – particularly in the fields of law, medicine, psychology, and engineering and science. Technocracy headhunters have been known to recruit recent graduates into secret projects, either as high-level but unenlightened workers, or as future operatives.

The University of Birmingham is the stomping ground of The Returners, David Joy‘s former band. As such, Dangerous Dick and Slash can be found at the pubs and libraries of the University, while Mel Chow, Joy’s ex-girlfriend, can often be found working on the University mainframe.

Professor Ethan Bell has recently been hired by the University of Birmingham to work on the mainframe project.

The University of Birmingham

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