The Triptych aka The Ghostbusters

“The Ghostbusters” are only a cabal in the loosest sense – they have no formal covenant, and only have in common a speciality in dealing with evil spirits. “The Ghostbusters” is a derivisve nickname given to the trio by the Ascension Warriors, after Karnacki, Michael Hopkins, and the Doctor came together to defeat The Child of Night, a Nephandi who was attempting to raise an army of evil spirits in Birmingham. Though they are not a formal cabal, the group stands ready to work together once again should the need arise.

At the Winter Solstice conclave in 1984, “The Ghostbusters”, with the support of The Misfits, petitioned for and received the status of an officially recognized cabal. Dubbing themselves “The Triptych”, Karnacki, Michael Hopkins, and The Doctor must now establish themselves by carving out a space in Birmingham. They have cooperated with The Misfits a number of times against the Child of Night.

The Triptych were without an official space for some time. They often met at a small warehouse that Karnacki rented, and when they were called upon to host the Traditions conclave, they did so at St. Michael Anglican Church. However, The Doctor formulated a risky plan to cleanse the former sanctum of The Child of Night, in order to guard the shallowing and prevent the necromancer from using it to access the mortal world.

The plan was a success and the Ghostbusters now reside in the abbatoir.

Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker
Michael Hopkins
The Doctor

The Triptych aka The Ghostbusters

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