The Mnemnophage

The Mnemnophage is an advanced biological weapon developed by a member of The Manhattans known only as Rappiccini’s Daughter. The weapon consists of a specially engineered psychic bacteria – the user primes it by means of an “ideation matrix”, imprinting the bacteria with a particular thought or idea. The bacteria itself is a highly-virulent airborne pathogen. Most people who are infected by the bacteria will exit the symptoms of a mild common-cold. However, if the bacteria sense the concept imprinted on them, they will bind to the victim’s brainstem. After a gestation period of approximately two weeks, the bacteria will cause the thyroid to over perform by a factor of thousands, resulting in what is essentially spontaneous human combustion.

The user of The Mnemnophage must take an inoculation; Rappiccni’s Daughter was only able to produce 2 doses. Even in containment, the sample of the weapon only remains viable for about 6 months.

The Mnemnophage was given to Sarah Giles by Milton Berliner in exchange for her assistance subverting an Iteration-X telemetry satellite by infiltrating a Technocracy installation known as The Quasar Institute.

The Mnemnophage was used by Sarah Giles to kill Julian Sinclair after Nicholas Black convinced her not to use the weapon to kill all of Mastermind. Sarah begrudgingly agreed and used it as a targeted weapon to kill Julian, their financier and leader. While this has at least temporarily shifted Mastermind’s policies in Birmingham to that of an uneasy truce, it did cause the Manhattans to distance themselves from Sarah Giles for “wasting” their creation.

The Mnemnophage

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