The Church of the First Blood


Though it functioned as a Catholic church under Father Rupert Cain, The Church of the First Blood is also Chantry to the cabal known as The Misfits. The Church of the First Blood is something of a tumble down building in the the industrial area known as the Gun Quarter. It has a small grounds that are attended to by a groundskeeper known as Rudy, who also provides wards against Technocrats in exchange for “mana”. The Chantry contains a powerful node that provides 22 points of quintessence a week, which carries a resonance of Brimstone, and accumulates as Tass in the form of moss growing on the gravestones in the Church’s small graveyard. The Church also has five levels of Arcane, so it is all but impossible to find by those who do not know where it is. Thanks to the efforts of Sarah Giles, the Church generates an income of 3200 pounds a month, which is accessible to all members of the Misfits, and the cabal also maintains a hearse for transportation. The basement of the Church contains a large sanctum belonging to Rupert Cain (summoning circle, etc.), a medium size lab/sanctum belonging to Sarah Giles (computers, scientific equipment), and a small sanctum belonging to David Joy (small Egyptian altar). The basement used to contain Rupert Cain’s impressive library, but somehow the Father managed to take all of his material with him when he left.

Due to the extensive enchantments upon its premises, the Church of the First Blood positively crackles with magical energy; even individuals who are completely ignorant of the secret world detect a strange frisson on the grounds of the Church, and a distinct ozone ordour. Those who are sensitive to magical energies can not help but notice that the Church grounds are heavily enchanted.

In the wake of Father Cain’s departure, leadership of the Church has fallen to Rory Cooper. He and Akiko Ninube have converted the nave of the Church into a gym. Moreover, Rory has done extensive horticulture in the grounds of the Church, building himself a sacred space with plants donated by the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove.

The church also has a a makeshift smithy built under a car port on the grounds. Things have become very cramped after the Round Table moved in and members of both Sons of Odin and New Camelot frequent the building.

Valerie “Val” and Sarah Giles have matter sculpted a functional underground garage to park the multitude of vehicles taking up space in the church. They formed it under the graveyard which has been empty since the attack on the Church by The Child of Night some years prior.

The Church of the First Blood has the following effects on:
Time Ward –
Spirit Ward – Difficulty 9, Threshold 2 for all spirit effects in or out, with a “door” that can be opened by members of the Misfits
Forces Ward – All forces kept out, difficulty 7 to unravel, with a “door”
Correspondence Ward – Prevents scrying, difficulty 6 to unravel, with a “door”
Entropy Ward – 13 successes, “mind-reading” ill-intent, -5 to enemy actions
Awakened Spirit -The Spirit of the Church is awakened byNicholas Black,
Bound Fire Elemental – The Church is physically defended by a bound fire elemental known as Irelyth – if anyone attempts to harm the Church or its occupants, she will manifest and unleash her fiery wrath.
Blessing of Bes – Bes, the household protector of the Ennead, watches over the Church of the First Blood, thanks to the efforts of David Joy and Nicholas Black. As such, enemies of the Church find their efforts hampered by misfortune.
Blessing of Vitality – Rory Cooper seeded the grounds of the Church with iron futhark runes. As a result of his efforts, all those who spend time at the Church find that they are imbued with increased vitality – wounds heal much more quickly than they otherwise would, and healing magic is easier to conduct.

The Church of the First Blood

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