The Centurions

The Centurions are a disparate group of Tradition mages with a mutual interest in hoplology who came together to learn from one another and to fight the Technocracy as allies. They operate out of a secret redoubt/armoury beneath the Temple Works in Leeds.

Bellona, who inherited the node and redoubt from her mentor Io, is the initiator and leader of The Centurions. It was Bellona who discovered and brought together the members of the cabal, and it is Bellona who gives them their marching orders. For the most part, however, when they aren’t battling the Technocracy, the members of The Centurions pursue their individual projects, with the support and assistance of their colleagues.

The cabal is still recovering from the loss of their leader Bellona and the defection of Operator. They are working towards securing their base in Leeds before they are able to commit their resources and attention to The Accord.


Former Members
Bellona – Deceased
Operator – Defected to Mastermind

The Centurions

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