Project AEGIS

Project AEGIS is a Technocratic defence project spearheaded by the Void Engineers.

Utilizing 13 pylons dispersed in secret underground locations around Birmingham, these massive structures significantly increase the barrier between the physical and spiritual realm through all of Birmingham, making it nearly impossible to cross the Veil. The Misfits managed to destroy one of these pylons after discovering it in 1984 causing a power outage throughout half of the city, though the other 12 pylons are still fully functional.

Nicholas Black has expressed concern over this project as while it does prevent dark entities from crossing into the physical realm, it also makes it harder for humanity’s subconscious to access parts of the spirit realm such as the realm of dreams and possibility, threatening the loss of their imaginations as a collective whole. While the mages of the city have been insulated from these effects by the nodes the reside in, the remainder of Birmingham’s population are left to suffer the cost of the Technocracy’s protection.

In August of 1986, the Misfits facilitated a coordinated attack on all 12 remaining pylons of Project AEGIS. After months of reconnaissance to locate the other pylons, they had determined that all of the pylons required an operator to make manual adjustments constantly during their operation to regulate the power output and prevent the pylon from melting down. Shadow collected hair samples from all 48 of the operators to grant a better connection to them via sympathetic magic. Nicholas utilized the allies he had amongst Hell’s elite to secure the aid of The Child of Night, granting her the hair samples, a significant amount of Tass, use of the protective wards of The Church of the First Blood, and most importantly, tracking down a Skull of Ka’Lun for her. While she wove a powerful death spell to kill all of the operators at once, the Misfits launched a diversionary assault against The Prometheus Building’s Node through the Umbra, sabotaging their supply of Quintessence. The assault and death spell were successful and all 12 of the pylons overloaded while their technicians died in agony. The resulting release of magical energy completely destroyed the veil between the spirit and physical world, putting the entire city of Birmingham into lockdown for several weeks while the veil regenerated. The incident was blamed on a chemical weapon attack by a terrorist cell in order to justify the military lockdown and the strange things that people were seeing and experiencing.


Project AEGIS

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