A node is a metaphysical nexus that exists in the physical world. They occur when two magical ley-lines intersect in the world and provide a well of quintessential energy. Though every mage is capable of performing magic without the use of this energy, it makes whatever they are trying to do easier and much more potent. As such, nodes are hotly contested, not only between the Traditions and Technocracy, but even between cabals and amalgams within these organizations themselves.

Some powerful mages specializing in Prime magic are able to create their own nodes, though this is a dangerous and difficult prospect that can easily result in the Mage’s death. This process also poses potential political ramifications should the disruption in ley-lines affect nearby nodes belonging to other mages.

Technocratic amalgams prefer to sterilize the nodes they take over to reduce abnormalities and make the energy they harness safer for use within their inventions and research.

Nephandi prefer to corrupt their nodes, attracting dangerous entropic spirits to them.


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