New Camelot


New Camelot is the brainchild of Art Valentine. The first members of New Camelot were recruited from Art’s Introduction to Medieval Literature class at the University of Birmingham. Six worthy young people pledged themselves to Art’s service, believing in his vision of an England returned to its former glory through the return of justice and righteousness. The knights of New Camelot practice sword fighting and have learned to wear plate mail, as a symbol of their dedication to their cause, and because they know that in these dark times, justice will eventually need to be upheld by force. The ritual practices of New Camelot combine the beliefs in holy purity and a reverence for nature.

In addition to being the name of the group of knights, New Camelot is also the name of a small charitable organization in the Gun Quarter. New Camelot acts as a soup kitchen/homeless shelter, providing aid and safety to anyone who is in need. The knights of New Camelot volunteer their services at the charity, and from time to time the charity serves as a staging ground as well.

Cult Members
Allison Croft
Billy Moare
Christeen Garret
David Hitchcock
Megan Grey
Sean Fry

Non-Cult Knights
Silver – Out of commission
Peter Norris
Franciszek Borowski – Deceased
Lance Benwick – Defected

Non-Cult, Non-Knights
Gwendolyn Davies

New Camelot

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