Elysium is a Horizon realm in the shard realm of Matter; it was discovered ages ago by the alchemist Khalid Ibn Yazid, as a tiny realm containing a small, tranquil garden. Yazid discovered the garden was the perfect place to practice alchemy, and before long, he had invited many of his fellows to join him. Over the years, a great deal of quintessence has been provided to the realm, and it has been shaped by the will of countless alchemists, resulting in an idyllic paradise known as Elysium.

The Keep is where the members of the The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis live and work; it is a large castle, full of servants both mundane and magical, as well as guardians and exotic magical creatures. Needless to say, Elysium is home to the most spectacular alchemical libraries and laboratories.

The rest of Elysium consists of temperate gardens and fields, and is home to creatures such as goats, Unicorns, and centaurs. The centaurs have their own customs, but do interact with the residents of The Keep from time to time, for trade or simply companionship.

One of the unique features of Elysium is that people who stay there do not age, which has made it a popular place for alchemists who wish to unlock the secrets of eternal life. The realm requires a substantial amount of quintessence, and the Covenant controls powerful nodes all over Earth, including one at the University of Birmingham.


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