Character Goals

Party Goals
Aid the Dwarven Rebellion – 10 xp each
Neutralize Mastermind – 10 xp

Akiko Ninube
Become The Obsidian Dragon – 5 xp

Undo the Geas Jack O’Shadows is under – 3 xp
Spread the Sons of Odin to New York and London – 5 xp

Find resources for Hell – 1 xp and willpower/significant contribution (dragon, kraken, artifact, etc.)
Defeat Buer and end the schism in Hell – 30 xp
Repair Silver – 1 xp
Recruit Susan Smith to Mammon Investment Group – 5xp

Art Valentine
Lower Birmingham Crime rate by 50% – 5xp
Have all 9 Traditions represented in the Accord – 3xp/5xp
Develop 9 Traditions Advisory Council – 3xp

Sarah Giles
Dicover fate of Alison “Ally” Graves – 2 xp
Repair Silver -1 xp

Character Goals

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