Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 94

Dungeons and Wagons

May 6, 1987 – May 11, 1987
-Sarah Giles prepares a report on The Mnemnophage for Milton Berliner of the Manhattans. Milton is disappointed in the rather lacklustre outcome
-Art Valentine and Rory Cooper take Adrian Cross to Father Parker Rose; Father Rose is worried about what Adrian represents and could do, but can’t bring his resources to bear to help unless Inquisitor’s Cross is reclaimed
-Art asks Sant-Sipahi for help; Adrian is beyond Sant-Sipahi, but the warrior-saint promises to try to contact his mentor, The Guru, who he claims is a tireless fighter against evil
-Nicholas Black binds the spirit of Julian Sinclair in Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask, and gifts it to Ava Frost and Mammon Investment Group
-Rory consults with Mimir, who tells him that the 7 Daggers of Megiddo are necessary to kill earthly spawn of Satan
-Rory begins to retrieve the daggers of Megiddo, acquiring ones from Malta, Vancouver, and York
-Nick, in consultation with Leslie Yee, recruits Cesar Butler to join the Founders



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