William Wayne



A bright-eyed youth.


Will is an orphan in every sense of the word. He was a passenger in the vehicle with his parents when it was driven off of the road by a nondescript black car. By some miracle, William survived, but his parents did not. He awakened that night when he watched them die. For a time, he lived in an orphanage but as he discovered he could make things happen just by willing them to, the other children began to shun him. When the orphanage staff began to notice the strange things happening , they contacted the government who promised to send some specialists. Will was granted a vision of men in black suits arriving to take him away moments before they arrived. He walked through the walls of the orphanage and has been living on the street ever since.

Will has learned that his abilities have set him aside from most other people. He has a very old and powerful avatar and helps those he can with his powers but never stays in one place for long. He has encountered other awakened people who have offered eagerly to take him in and teach him, but Will doesn’t much care for their strange rituals or beliefs. His magic emerges from something more primal and less practised.

Guided by his avatar and memories of his previous lives, Will is able to draw on lifetimes of experience which get him through life. He is able to move from city to city at the speed of thought, create food out of thin air, stop time and heal mortal wounds. He can read minds and sense magical energies at great distances.

Both the Traditions and the Technocracy are aware of Will’s existence and both want him in their ranks. Will is struggling to find a balance between the boy he still is and great Mage that he can be. He knows that one day he must move beyond the physical plane and realize his destiny in the worlds beyond, but for now, he’s not ready to completely leave everything he knows behind. At the moment he lives on the streets of Birmingham, stealing quintessence from nodes and trying to stay below the radar. Will is very good at seeing things while not being seen.

William, or Wayne as he is known to both the Technocracy and the Traditions, was hunted by both factions for the purpose of recruitment. Wayne was found by the The Misfits when he passed by The Church of the First Blood and subconsciously stole the quintessence from it. Father Cain managed to track the quintessence to Club Xanadu where Wayne was curing patrons from Mr. Twist’s influence. The Misfits convinced Wayne to come with them, but upon arrival back at the church, found it surrounded by the Technocracy.

The Technocrats attempted to convince Wayne to come with them to the Children’s Ward at the hospital to disarm a bomb which they claimed was planted by the Misfits, but Nicholas Black was able to convince Wayne that they were lying. Sarah Giles teleported to the hospital in an attempt to disarm it, but found that there were several and only stopped half of them before they detonated. The Technocrats left the church rather than attempt to fight the Misfits and Wayne on their own doorstep and the Misfits went to the hospital to help with the fallout from the explosion. Wayne exerted himself heavily in healing the injured children and fell unconscious and the Misfits decided to take him to Elysium to keep him safe from the Technocrats. The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis was more than happy to foster Wayne.

With Wayne out of their reach, the Technocrats have once again turned their attention to dealing with the Birmingham mages.

Following a disagreement with Proteus, Wayne disappeared into Elysium’s wilderness. Unable to track the boy, the Order of the Silver Flame requested assistance from The Misfits. Nicholas and Sarah agreed to help.

Nicholas, Rory and Sarah arrived in Elysium and tracked William down. They convinced him to come back into the world, though he insisted he would not stay under the tutelage of the The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis. William stayed with The Misfits for several days while they attempted to track down a mage specializing in Prime magics who would be able to convince William to disguise his true power. They initially made a request to The Colloquium‘s The Non-Newtonian at Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker’s suggestion. However, while waiting for a reply, they came across Karl Magnusson in their travels and convinced him to take William on as a student. Karl is perhaps one of the few mages wise and powerful enough to train William Wayne. More importantly, Karl sees and value’s William’s rebellious nature, saying that it is something the boy will be able to harness and make good use of in his life.

William Wayne

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