The White Man

Leader of The Travelers


Sometimes referred to as “Gandalf the White,” this eccentric hippy is one of the founding members of the nomadic, Traveler caravan.

The White Man is a disenfranchised Englishman, raised in the prim and proper confines of post-World War II poverty. He is the last of his family. The rest of his siblings were destroyed by war and service to the state, which lead to his disillusionment with traditional English society.

He is a disappointed idealist but perseveres in the face of immense odds.

He claims to have experienced a moment of enlightenment while tramping through the countryside and backpacking about. The awakening was in fact spurred on by his avatar. It led him to ancient cairns deep in wooded glens, it was there he spent an unknown amount of time receiving visions and instructions to build a community of like-minded individuals who would live in peace, in a sustainable and environmentally/socially conscious manner.

He helped found the caravan as a direct result of that time at the cairns. His avatar warned him of the dangers of remaining too-long in one place, revealing to him, methods of disguise, stealthy travel techniques and how to remain hidden in plain sight.

The White Man wields an enchanted broadsword.

He is deeply respected within his community, by the Grove, Verbena mages and other nature-oriented/anarchic-style communities. He regarded as a possibly harmless oddity by the council and utterly disregarded by regular society as little more than an unwashed hippy that couldn’t get a job and settle down like the rest of us.

As winter turned to spring, and spring to summer, the White Man has begun to urgently pursue the quest to find Merlin, an ancient and powerful wizard from the age of Camelot.

The White man briefly made an appearance to The Misfits in the summer of 1986 to cure Sarah Giles of a lethal dose of radiation. Sarah learned that The White Man had succeeded on his quest to find Merlin and was studying under the tutelage of the legendary wizard, who was now part of a tree. The White Men left as suddenly as he had arrived.

The White Man

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