Walter Hartles



Walter Hartles appears as a 68-year old retired engine driver who shot himself in the chest with a revolver over fifty years ago.


After his wife left him and his retirement, Walter simply did not have any reason to go on living and committed suicide on Birmingham Station’s, infamous platform four.

Walter is a rarity among many lingering spirits in that he is fully aware that he has died and that some time has gone by since his passing. He often watches the comings and goings of the living and if approached in an amicable manner, he will sometimes share the things that he has seen and heard.

Birmingham Station was built over an old Jewish cemetery and as such, the veil between the mortal realm and the realm of the dead is noticeably thinner. In total, four suicides have occurred at the station, all on platform four.

Walter is usually sitting on the bench where he died, watching the people come and go, waiting for his train to finally arrive.

Walter’s train finally arrived when Nicholas Black helped Walter to cross over after Walter helped Nicholas on his quest to find the Voynich Manuscript Cypher.

Walter Hartles

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