The King of Winter

An unseelie fae lord


The King of Winter is a tall and imposing figure wreathed in a crown of hoarfrost. Waves of cold radiate from him and the temperature drops noticeably when he becomes angry.


The King of Winter is the Lord of the Unseelie Court; as his name suggests, he rules the Fae realms during Winter. He is a cold, jealous creature with an icy demeanour, but is prone to fits of rage. The current Emissary was a changeling, a child captured by the King and kept at his court as an amusement. Boudica saved the child, but The King of Winter has held a grudge against the Guardians of the Sacred Grove ever since.

His anger manifested in the winter of 1984, when he used his powers to assail Birmingham with dreadful winter storms. When Boudica, The Emissary, and Rory Cooper traveled to his realm to pay obeisance to him on the winter solstice, The King of Winter claimed that the winter storms would not cease until the Guardians either returned The Emissary or provided him with a human child to replace her. Instead, Rory, with the help of Nicholas Black, convinced the King of Winter to agree to a deal: If Rory could best the King’s champion in combat, The Emissary would go free and the storms would stop. If Rory lost, the Emissary would belong to The King of Winter forevermore. Rory defeated Garg, The King’s Ice Giant champion, and the Emissary was saved, but in so doing he earned The Winter King’s Wrath. Since then, Rory has been under the Winter King’s curse.

Some time later, The King of Winter kidnapped both Jack O’Shadows and Ava Frost in an attempt to lure both Rory and Nicholas into his realm. The two arrived loaded for bear and ready to fight; however, the King of Winter offered an alternative. Free his Dragon, Sulfuron, from imprisonment and he would release his hostages. The two completed the quest, killing the dragon and therefore ‘releasing’ it from the bonds that ensnared it, only to learn later that they had been duped and the Dragon actually belonged to The Summer Queen. Despite this, their companions were released and Rory’s curse was removed. The King of Winter was so pleased with the results of this deception that he has promised a mild winter for England during 1986.

During their time in the Winter Kingdom, Nicholas and Rory learned that the King of Winter and the Summer Queen were romantically involved for a time before their relationship ended on poor terms.

As part of their plan to free the Dwarves of Svartalfheim, The Misfits were determined to slay the King of Winter to draw the forces of King Alfred into the Fairy lands. The task of killing The King of Winter originally fell to Emm, but she failed in her task. Instead, she agreed to make The King of Winter suffer, fulfilling part of an agreement between Rory Cooper and Ava Frost regarding the upbringing of the boy Adrian Cross. As a result of Emm’s machinations, The King of Winter became convinced that his most trusted allies were turning against him, causing him to freeze his court in a paranoid fit and take the form of Gorget to mislead any would be assassins. His fears to that end were well founded, as later Akiko Ninube traveled to the Winter Lands to complete the mission started by Emm. Akiko was successful in her mission, but she earned the King’s death curse in doing so. Nicholas Black took away both the head and the spirit of the King of Winter, no doubt to subject him to a fate far worse than death.

The King of Winter

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