The Grey Woman

Matron of the Bone Room


The Grey Woman is a beautiful but unassuming being who appears as a young woman with silver hair. Despite her appearance, she has a great deal of wisdom and even ancient immortals remember the Grey Woman from the earliest days.


The Grey Woman is a Fallen Angel. She did not participate in Lucifer’s Rebellion, and did not join his Legion after the Fall. Instead, she went off on her own to await God’s promised Armageddon. She continues to act as a neutral force in creation. Though many a demon has attempted to recruit her to Hell, they are met with polite but stern refusal. She awaits to hear God’s command, and his alone; refusing to obey the Archangels of Heaven or Hell.

Few other than the celestial entities are aware of her origins, and not many Demons visit the Bone Room these days as they have established their own empires and supply lines, but where one door closes, another opens and now the Bone Room finds its clientele mainly in those mortals capable of traversing the spirit dimensions, though many spirits also find their way to the Bone Room to offer their services to mortals in exchange for chirminage.

The Bone Room is called such as it was crafted from the bones of an ancient and powerful Leviathan slain by the Grey Woman before the creation of humanity when the angels waged war on the nightmares of the creator.

The Grey Woman

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