The Faun

Wizened forest spirit


The Faun is an ancient spirit of nature that has allied itself with the Verbena and The Lichfield Six; The Faun provides them with tutelage and mystic might, in exchange for the prodigious amounts of tass it requires to remain on Earth, even in the hidden and haunted places where it lives.

The Faun cannot produce human speech; in dire circumstances, it can speak directly into the minds of humans, but because of its alien mindset, most humans find this deeply unpleasant. For the most part, The Faun communicates by means of sign-language, which is often interpreted by its apprentice.

As a member of The Arcana, The Faun acts as The Hermit. However, as a non-human, it evinces little interest in the politics of The Lichfield Six or The Verbena. Many Verbena, however, do make pilgrimages to Lichfield to learn naturecraft at the feet of the Faun; nature is the Faun’s to command, and it can mold flesh like clay.

The Faun is currently aided in his work by his apprentice, Byron Bishop.

The Faun

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