The Child of Night

A nigh-immortal necromancer


“The Ghostbusters” thought they defeated The Child of Night. They should know better – true evil never dies.

Many people have complicated motivations for turning to the dark masters who whisper beyond the realms of understanding, but not The Child of Night. She was conceived as part of a profane ritual by a pair of Mages who were already deep in the thrall of the Nephandi’s masters, and raised by them to be the perfect vessel of their will. The Child of Night is an ancient force for evil – there is a cult devoted to her worship, although she is largely disdainful of those who would worship her. She prefers instead to use her mastery of necromancy to create obedient and powerful minions. The Child of Night has been vanquished countless times throughout the ages, but she always returns. There is a prophecy that she will be the one to herald the end of all existence. Regardless of the truth, it was only a matter of time before the Child of Night returned and began her dark work once again.

It was The Misfits who discovered that The Child of Night was still active in Birmingham, when they investigated the death of Councilman John Hunt’s wife. Realizing the threat the Child continued to present, The Misfits attempted to rally the Traditions against her; however, only the Triptych seemed to agree with them.

The Misfits raided the Child’s sanctum, an abandoned Victorian abattoir, and destroyed a corpse they found there, believing it to be a focus for the Child. They also liberated a fine rug and a Skull of Ka’Lun from the Sanctum. In retaliation for stealing the Skull of Ka’Lun, The Child of Night besieged The Church of the First Blood with summoned zombies and Raxnelada, Opener of the Way. The Misfits defeated the incursion, but the Child struck again when The Misfts were playing host to the Travelers, murdering Garret Duggan and pledging his soul to the demon Ra’Ta’La’Hati, in exchange for a skull of Ka’Lun. The murder on their doorstep caused a great deal of problems for the Misfits.

The Misfits attempted to track down the Child with the assistance of Traveller, but when Traveller astrally projected to find her, he returned claiming she had gone too far into the deep umbra for him to follow; unbeknownst to the Misfits, the Child of Night had actually possessed Traveller.

Although the Child of Night had seemingly disappeared, the Misfits did not stop their search. Ethan Bell convinced the cabal to track her down using the resonance from the Skull of Ka’Lun. The group followed the trail to a council housing flat, which had become a miasma of dark emotions. Rupert Cain and Nicholas Black investigated the building and discovered Traveller, who was astrally projecting at the time. Traveller returned and confronted the two, asking them to leave, but Rupert refused to leave, which prompted him to attack Rupert with dark magic. Rupert retaliated in kind, destroying Traveller’s body and The Child of Night’s shell, as well as much of the building.

Following the distruction of the Council Housing, the whereabouts of the Child of Night were unknown. The Doctor speculated that The Child of Night’s spirit is bound to a phylactery, which was likely housed in a horizon realm – until the phylactery is destroyed, the Child of Night cannot be truly killed, although she can be weakened. Although the Child of Night is ostensibly pledged to Qulalathun, the Lord of Unsleep, she has no scruples about working with demons. Her most powerful magic is performed with a Skull of Ka’Lun, and she possesses a secret and blasphemous technique that allows her to consume souls to strengthen herself.

The Misfits made a daring raid on the Child of Night’s Sanctum after being lead there by Rangda. Upon finding a technocratic strike team lead by Major Percival Price, the two factions decided to combine their strength in order to combat the Child of Night. What was initially to be a scouting mission turned into a full assault and the Misfits were able to destroy the Child of Night once again, this time retrieving her phylactery.

Currently, the Child of Night is at the behest of the Demons as Nicholas gave her phylactery to the Mammon Investment Group. She is under contract to work for them for the next two millennia until she is to be released from service due to the interference she has caused in Hell’s soul economy due to her policy of taking souls unwillingly from victims. The Traditions and the Technocracy believe her to be dead and gone for good, and other than Mammon Group, only Nicholas Black, Rory Cooper, and Sarah Giles know of her continued existence.

Following the rescue of Ava Frost from The King of Winter, Ava promised to pull some strings to bring Nicholas’ plans to fruition. To that end, she facilitated a meeting between Nicholas and the Child of Night in one of London’s graveyards. The Child of Night has since taken the form of a nondescript woman. Her services were engaged for August 5th of 1986, one year after the second assault on The Prometheus Building to facilitate a telling blow against the Technocracy.

The Child of Night had a black cat familiar named Azrael, who helped her spirit stay bound to Earth when her vessel is destroyed. Following the defeat of the Child of Night, Rangda found Azrael and adopted the cat as her own familiar. This was what allowed her to find the The Cathedral of Bone.

The Child of Night

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