A rogue technocratic construct


A sophisticated robot, T-13 has recently taken the likeness of Prof. Ethan Bell after ambushing and killing him in his apartment.


T-13 has demonstrated the ability to negate magical attacks due to primium reserves. The construct is also freakishly strong and possesses the ability to take on the likeness of others.

T-13 was captured by Mastermind in Birmingham after it killed Prof. Ethan Bell. During the capture of the construct, it managed to dispatch both Darius Pointe and Franklin Blanke.

Mastermind was able to successfully reprogram T-13’s advanced AI, bringing it back into the fold. T-13 received Sarah Giles at the The Prometheus Building, guiding her nearly 40 floors below the surface to the site of her intended uplink to E.V.A.. However, Sarah was able to outwit the machine and managed to sneak in a hard copy of a virus which she used to disable E.V.A., hampering the Technocratic security measures.

T-13 attempted to disable Sarah Giles but was ambushed by Akiko Ninube. Despite the surprise, the construct managed to kill the ninja and returned its attention to Sarah who used to opportunity to attempt to escape. Despite her efforts, the construct was physically superior and easily caught up with Sarah, knocking her unconscious. T-13 was finally destroyed by Nicholas Black, who was only able to overcome it due to the damage already inflicted upon it by Akiko.


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