Susan Smith

The brain behind Birmingham's eyes


Eidolon: Questing Nature: Caretaker Demeanour: Visionary
Str. 2 Dex. 2 Sta. 3/App. 2 Cha. 2 Man. 5 (Double-Speak)/Int. 4 (Analytical), Per. 5 (Alert), Wits 2
Abilities: Alertness 4 (City), Awareness 3, Expression 2, Instruction 3, Leadership 2, Newspeak 4/Interrogation 5 (Subtle), Firearms 2, Technology 4 (Surveillance)/Computer 2, Media 5 (Spin Control), Propaganda 5 (Smears, Spin Control), Psychology 5 (Behaviour Modification, Questioning), Science 2
Backgrounds: Spies 6, Influence 5,
Arete: 5
Willpower: 7
Spheres: Mind 5, Correspondence 3
Resonance: Entropic 3 (Prying)
Signature Procedures: Birmingham Eye, Conditioning, Advanced Synaptic Reprogramming


Susan Smith directly affects the local media in Birmingham in an effort to act against the various claims of supernatural occurrences around the city. He has also proven himself to be an adept interrogator and was able to successfully reprogram Prof. Ethan Bell as a sleeper agent. Despite this dark side, Susan appears to have a genuine soft spot for people and acts in the best interests of the common man. To this end, he has made yet another secret deal with Nicholas Black, so that the two are able to keep each other apprised on potential threats to the general populace.

Several months prior to this deal, he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the impetuous Rory Cooper, who obsessively tracked Susan’s movements via magical and mundane means for months before being able to predict his movements. With the aid of Sarah Giles, Rory intercepted Susan from grabbing take away from Smile Time Sandwiches, appearing from thin air as a massive and intimidating woman. He shot Susan Smith in the arm with a pistol, but the veteran Technocrat was able to activate an emergency protocol and teleport to safety. This encounter has haunted him somewhat and since then, he rarely ventures out of the Prometheus Building without good reason.

Susan Smith

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