Deadly shadow


A shade which is roughly the same size as Nicholas Black that acts as his shadow.


Nicholas Black’s Shadow is his familiar. While Nicholas casts no shadow, the undead Shade which Nick conjured from Birmingham’s graveyard mimics his movements to make it appear that he does. The shade is a spy for Nicholas as well as a messenger, and occasionally a bodyguard. It has demonstrated the ability to switch from existing as a corporeal and an incorporeal being and can become invisible at will. It seems to have a strange affinity for Sarah Giles and crackers.

Recently Nicholas increased the power of his familiar by summoning lost spirits in the city’s graveyard, then shredding them into small pieces with his magic and feeding the raw energy to the shadow.

Shadow was killed in battle during the second assault of the Prometheus building by a hail of gunfire, but reformed in the The Church of the First Blood’s graveyard during the following new moon.


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