Sarah Giles

A brilliant young hacker


A red-headed young girl in an armored leather duster and overly complex googles, usually wielding at least one techno-gadget.


This 20-somthing slip of a girl was raised byRupert Cain after her parents died in a tragic plane crash she has come to blame on the Technocracy. She apparently became friends with Akiko Ninube during this time, although she has no recollection of this despite her eidetic memory. She went on to join both the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts as well as a degree in Quantum Physics from the Imperial College of London. Most of her time is spent in her lab working on various projects, both for her own interests and to support the other members of the Misfits.

After having her appearance changed to avoid some legal troubles caused by the Technocrazy, Sarah had her appearance changed: Kenzi.jpg

After the events of the second attack on The Prometheus Building, Sarah’s body was being held in a form of stasis by Nick. Having found the Holy Grail, the Misfits and the Round Table used it to revive Sarah, bringing her back up to speed with current events in Birmingham and once again relying on her various skills.

Sarah Giles

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