Samuel Singh

Curiosity Shop Owner (The Treasure Trove), and Thatcher Advocate


Despite his Indian heritage, Samuel was born a second generation Englishman. He performed well in school and studied business. While he speaks impeccable English and dresses in Western fashion, he is a devout Hindu and believes in many gods. Taking a cue from his parents, he became very interested in politics and is a proud Englishman. He supports the Falklands war and is an advocate of Thatcher’s policies. Probably because he established and more well off than most people who are negatively affected by them.

While the mainstay of Sam’s income comes from some wise investments, he runs a profitable curiosity shop in the Gun Quarter, selling all manner of strange items and antiques to collectors. Sam can drive a hard bargain but is sometimes known to bargain a little less harshly with Thatcher sympathizers.

Nicholas purchased a mysterious old amulet from Sam not long ago, paying extra so that Sam would not record or disclose the purchase.

The deed for Sam’s shop was stolen in a break-in; the lack of proper documentation for his ownership was just another element of bureaucracy which resulted in Sam being forced to sell his shop. However, Sam is resilient, and he opened a new location in hardly any time at all.

Samuel Singh

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