Mother Mary's bodyguard and chauffeur.


Ro is a simple man. Half Japanese and half Caucasian. He is tall and broad shouldered, usually sporting a stern demeanor.


Ro is the only child of to a German businessman and a Japanese housewife. He was raised in a Catholic household and later adopted Buddhist philosophies, which he feels complement his Christian beliefs.

Ro has trained in martial arts since he entered school and developed a passion for it. He won many tournaments as a boy and after graduation, he travelled to China to the monasteries there. He experienced his awakening while in deep meditation.

Despite his affinity for the Akashic Brotherhood’s principals, he has never been able to leave his Catholic faith behind, and sometimes feels caught in between the two traditions. He has worked closely with Mother Mary Victoria on several occasions, eventually becoming part of her full time staff in the employ of the church.

Ro is the muscle of The Martyrs and he knows it. He is very skilled with martial arts and is trained in various weapons, including firearms. His favourite weapon is the garrotte, as he is naturally agile and stealthy and prefers to end a fight before it starts. Though it is rare for Mother Mary to send Ro and the other Martyrs against an enemy, when she does, Ro executes her wishes effectively and without hesitation.

Ro is adept with Life and forces magick, but has some affinity with Prime and Mind as well.

Ro’s favourite rote is the Long Distance Punch. He uses it to deal devastating damage with his fists from a distance as his punches create powerful shock waves of air that devastate his opponents. Ro also frequently uses life magick to make himself even stronger, faster and more resilient than he normally is.

He was violently killed during a Technocratic assault on The Mission House. Despite taking down multiple opponents, he was eventually overwhelmed. His body was found slumped over that Mother Mary, who was also filled with bullet holes.


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