Patrick O'Sea

Fixer, Private Investigator


Patrick is one of those rare few folks that can not only figure out what a person needs, he can also get that person those needs. Many mistake Patrick for being Irish, not only from his name, but also his red hair. However Pat is mostly Welsh, not that he really cares. He pretends that he’s Irish to most people he meets and even does a convincing accent.

Pat may as well be Irish since he’s so damn lucky. He’s blessed with charm and good friends and business contacts and he’s made a lot of business contacts. Patrick is a fixer and can and will get anyone almost anything. He works in such things as firearms, drugs and rare curiosities but even though he operates an illicit business, he does have some morals. Human traffickers that have dared to approach him for business have been known to go missing. Perhaps because he was raised with certain values or due his Welsh heritage. Today he operates out of a small warehouse in the gun district and pretends to run a detective agency. It’s his own personal joke as he is often chasing information for his clients.

Patrick considers Nick to be a valuable business aquaintance and likes Nick’s sense of style and deportment. More importantly, Nick always pays well, despite his bizarre, eccentric, or even dangerous requests.

Patrick O'Sea

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