Mr. Twist

A twisted spirit who feeds on suffering


His very presence inspires the “heebie-jeebies”.


Mr. Twist is a well-connected man. If you need anything, Mr. Twist can get it for you – any drug delivered, any deviant desire satisfied. Mr. Twist’s prices are amazingly low, even for things that are rare, or difficult to find, but his selection criteria regarding whom he provides services to is very strict, and seemingly arbitrary. He operates out of a seedy nightclub known as Xanadu, and holds court in a his cramped back office. Xanadu also provides “facilities” for those who wish to indulge themselves, although said facilities also provide excellent means for Mr. Twist to collect blackmail on his patrons.

Mr. Twist’s bodyguard is the man known as Freakshow.

The Misfits came across when Mr. Twist when they discovered that he had provided a copy of the Malleus Neferandum to Councilman John Hunt. Rupert Cain learned through research and deduction that Mr. Twist was a corrupted spirit of desire, who feeds off of the suffering of those who indulge their dark desires.

Nicholas Black made a deal with Mr. Twist to help him get elected to the position of city councillor in Birmingham. Mr. Twist has proven to be a source of excellent information and blackmail to Nicholas for use against his political rivals. In exchange, Nicholas has used his political clout to block certain endeavours that could adversely affect Xanadu’s operation.

Mr. Twist was greatly weakened by William Wayne just before William’s discovery by The Misfits. William absorbed the quintessence from The Church of the First Blood‘s node simply by passing by it and used the magical energy to free the people in Xanadu who were under Mr. Twist’s dark influence. The Misfits arrived in time to collect the boy and prevent him from completely destroying Mr. Twist, much to Rupert Cain’s disappointment.

In an effort to strengthen his allies and help clean up Birmingham, Nicholas attempted to recruit Mr. Twist for the forces of Hell. While this endeavour ultimately failed, it did provide further insight into the direct nature of how Mr. Twist draws his power. Mr. Twist feeds off of the energy people produce when they get everything they have ever wanted, and the emptiness that follows achieving those desires. Nicholas’ next recruitment attempt will likely be much more targeted to this particular method of suffering.

Mr. Twist

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