Mother Mary Victoria

A wise and kindly old matron.


Mother Mary Victoria is a kindly, old nun in her seventies. She is almost always wearing her habit and simple wooden rosary. She speaks very softly, but with occasional sternness when trying to drive home a point.


Cynthia Charles was a schoolteacher and speech writer. When her husband died, she turned to religion to believe that there was an afterlife. She was 54 years old when she was baptised and at that moment, was awakened into the greater world. Then a miracle happened. She became pregnant through immaculate conception and nine months later gave birth to her daughter Sophie. One of the few children ever born as an awakened individual. The Catholic church was baffled by this set of miracles and values both of them highly.

Mother Mary Victoria is a world renowned humanitarian and religious figure. She has travelled the world to feed the poor, protest government corruption, treatment of the poor, land mines, slavery and nearly everything else that is looked upon poorly by society. She has won a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts and is a prominent figure in the Catholic Church and a candidate for sainthood upon her death.

Mother Mary is also the leader of The Martyrs, a cabal of Mages specializing in undermining the Technocracy through propaganda, political manoeuvres and smear campaigns of the government.

As a nun, she is a devout and true believer in God, the church, and the cause of the Traditions. While she does not agree with the beliefs held by all of the Traditions, she does respect the idea of free will and the rights of others to exercise it. Still, she tries to steer others towards the path of the one, true God whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

Mother Mary Victoria is a powerful Prime and Mind Mage. She believes that God fills her with the holy spirit and opens the minds of others for her so that they are more receptive to her wise words. She is also a very cunning political tactician and a persuasive public speaker. As a true believer, the Mother is a pacifist and does not participate in physical attacks against the Technocracy, however, she sometimes sends the other members of Martyrs against them directly in her stead.

She has been battling the machinations of the Technocracy since taking her vows over twenty years ago, and while she still does her work with the same devotion and vigour of Mages half of her age, she has begun to grow tired. Her age is finally catching up to her and she hopes to leave the leadership of the Cabal to her daughter, but does not feel that Sophie is quite ready for the burden of leadership.

Mother Mary Victoria has had her hands full with a propaganda war against Susan Smith in Birmingham. This was complicated by the actions of The Misfits in August of 1985. In order to prevent such complications in the future, Mother Mary has been more open with the cabals of Birmingham regarding her goals and what she requires the cabals not to do in order to ensure a Tradition victory.

She was killed by Hitmark assassins during a Technocratic assault on the Mission House.

Mother Mary Victoria

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