Morgan Lafayette

A reincarnated witch


Before her Awakening, Morgan Lafayette was an academic – an historian – and Art Valentine‘s lover. After Art’s avatar impelled him to find Excalibur, Morgan awoke as well. Finding herself to be an extremely powerful witch, and possibly a reincarnation of Morgan Le Fay as well, she found herself swiftly embraced by a certain portion of the Verbena, particularly those who wished to challenge the Judeo-Christian, patriarchal view of history. Morgan was happy to throw in her lot with them, especially since her studies gave her a particularly nuanced view of the middle ages.

Morgan has had to suffer as she watches someone she once loved throw his life away on a dangerous quest. Worse yet, Morgan knows that many others will be hurt if Art fully embraces being King Arthur. Thus, while she is a truly compassionate person, Morgan will stop at nothing to prevent Arthur from rebuilding Camelot, if only to prevent it from falling. She is an extremely adept witch, a beguiling enchantress, a keen student of history, and incredibly politically savvy.

Morgan Lafayette

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