Max McDonald

Night Club Owner


Max has owned the Juncture since it’s opening in the early eighties and owned the Burrowed Mole Pub in the same building before. When a new style of music and fashion began to sweep the youth, Max saw an opportunity to be a pioneer in a relatively untapped market, so he shut down the Burrowed Mole and renovated the old station into an entirely new type of bar. The Junction was the pioneer nightclub of its kind in Birmingham and the lineup to get inside usually extends down the block.

Max has put a lot of thought and energy into the feel of the Juncture and he finally has it just the way he wants it. Of course, Max’s greatest trait is his adaptability and he does it best to keep with the times. He is aware of almost everything that happens in his bar, from the drug dealers, the underage kids that bribe the bouncers and he loves it. To Max, it merely shows the success of his enterprise and he has set some of his gains to the purpose of keeping his bar off of the radar of the police. The Juncture will continue to do its business until Max detects another imminent shift in what is cool. Until then, he rakes in the money and enjoys the drunken women that fill his bar.

Max met Nicholas almost a year ago, and while he doesn’t personally get along with Nick, he enjoys having him in the bar. Nick may be just a touch old for the crowd and image that Max wants, but he spends more than any five customers on a given night, the ladies love him and he keeps the good times rolling. As such, Max has ensured that Nick and any of his friends never wait in line and he even gives Nick a discount at the bar due to the sheer volume of alcohol he purchases.

Max McDonald

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