Lance Benwick

A reincarnation of Lancelot


Lance Benwick is a former male model from London. One day he woke up with an inexplicable compulsion to travel to Birmingham, and meet a man named Art Valentine. Upon meeting Valentine, and recognizing the spirit of King Arthur within him, Lance realized that he must be Lancelot. Art Valentine has been cautious about accepting the strange young man, however, so Lance stays at a hotel in downtown Birmingham, waiting for the opportunity to prove himself to his King.

During the quest for the Holy Grail, Lance murdered Franciszek Borowski and disappeared leaving a note on his door that read, “I’m sorry.”

Later, Lance reappeared as a ritual participant during Samhain festivities at Glastonbury, although Art Valentine secretly subdued and replaced Lance to complete the ritual with Morgan Lafayette. Later, when Morgan claimed her right to address The Accord, Lance accompanied her to The Black Berg as her bodyguard and champion. All along, Lance had participated in the Grail quest as a pawn of Morgana. Perhaps, rather than Lancelot, Lance was fated to play the role of Accolon…

Lance Benwick

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