Lance Beckett

Anglican Priest (Parson)


Lance Beckett is a distant relative of Thomas a’ Becket and is rarely wastes an opportunity to mention this. Lance is an accomplished priest in his own right and though he is still young, he hopes to one day, rise to the position his martyred kinsman once held and become the archbishop of Canterbury.

For now however, he has found himself ministering to the destitute people of Birmingham, which he felt was beneath his abilities. When a strange gentleman named Nicholas Black approached him with an enticing offer to help him rise through the ranks of the church more quickly, Lance was initially sceptical but the man seemed genuinely serious and influential. All he asked in return was that he be allowed to meet and speak with specific people in the church and his ministry and Lance would soon notice his luck would change. Lance Becket agreed and within two weeks, was transferred to a larger parish, preaching to people that are better off. He also noticed that the people Mr. Black spoke with, many of whom were often poor, soon became better off as well. Men who had been out of work for a long time suddenly found work, young women that were pregnant and did not want any more children suddenly miscarried. And with every person who met with Mr. Black, his influence seemed to expand and he would be introduced to others.

Word eventually got back to Becket that all Mr. Black asked in return was for their signatures in a strange black book. Something about that information triggered a strange sensation in the back of Becket’s mind that he has done something horribly wrong. He began to investigate Mr. Black but his new responsibilities in the church have kept him quite busy, perhaps as Nicholas had intended.

Lance Beckett

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