Karen Allen

A Technocracy field agent


Str. 2, Dex.4 (Lightning Reflexes), Sta. 3/App. 2, Cha. 2, Man. 2/Int. 3, Wits 4 (Quick Thinking), Per. 4 (Threat Assessment)
Abilities: Alertness 4(Danger Sense), Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 4, Intimidation 2, Leadership 2, Streetwise 2/Drive 2, Etiquette 2, Firearms 5 (Sniper Rifle, X-23 Protector), Stealth 3, Technology 2/Academics 4 (Psychology), Computer 2, Investigation 4, Law 3, Medicine 2, Science 2
Willpower: 5
Background: Patron (Susan Smith) 4, Requisitions 3


Karen Allen is the top field agent of the Technocracy in Birmingham. She is often found in the company of Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke. She was present when the Technocracy attempted unsuccessfully to recruit Rory Cooper. Allen also lead the foray into the The Church of the First Blood when The Questors of the Sign lead the Technocracy to the Church at the behest of the The Ascension Warriors.

David Joy convinced Detective Riker to find out more information about the mysterious woman; according to the Detective, Allen matched the appearance of a former MI5 Agent and Sniper by the name of Samantha Styles. Apparently Styles was declared MIA.

Hoping to take Karen out of the picture, Nicholas Black had Sarah Giles track down Samantha Styles’s mother. Nick traveled to Whitby and learned more about Samantha, and then returned a short while later, offering to reunite Samantha’s mother with her daughter in exchange for the older woman’s soul. Samantha’s mother, stricken with grief, agreed to the deal, and Nicholas brought her back to Birmingham. Nicholas then set up a meeting with Karen Allen’s superior, Susan Smith, and accused Rupert Cain of stealing Karen’s mother’s soul. Smith was adamant about keeping the cover of the Technocracy, but Allen was desperate to save her mother – she agreed that both she and her mother would undergo reconditioning (to forget about the existence of one another), and that Karen would submit herself to EVA for enhancement, in order to make her a capable field agent after her mental reconditioning. Smith reluctantly agreed.

Karen was tasked with returning her mother to Whitby after her mother had undergone some selective memory reconstruction. Karen was in Whitby when Sarah Giles uploaded her virus into EVA. Karen suffered the same fate as all of those who had been “enhanced” and went insane, killing her own mother. Karen was dispatched by the Technocracy shortly afterward.

Karen Allen

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