Julian Sinclair

A wealthy power-player


Essence: Pattern Nature: Tycoon Demeanour: Perfectionist
Str. 2 Dex. 2 Sta. 2/App. 3 Cha.3 Man. 5 (Persuasive, Brow-Beating)/Int. 3, Per. 4 (Thorough), Wits 3
Abilities: Alertness 2, Negotiation 4 (Business), Expression 4, Subterfuge 4 (Misdirection)/Etiquette 3, Networking 3, Technology 2/Academics 3, Computer 2, Finance 5 (Investments, Bonds), Law 4 (Financial), Power-Brokering 3
Backgrounds: Resources 7, Influence 4, Contacts 3
Arete: 3
Willpower: 6
Spheres: Mind 3, Prime 3
Signature Procedures: Liquidate Assets, Designer Drugs
Resonance: Static 3 (Calculating)


Julian was a bright young man, but he came from a poor family. As a result, he quickly learned one of the fundamental truths of existence – money equals power. Social status, intelligence, bearing, none of those meant anything without money to back it up. Sinclair realized that money was an abstraction that represented work effort, but that meant that someone could accumulate much more work effort than they could personally produce, as long as they were smart and willing to do anything. Julian figured, never mind knowledge, money was power.

Julian managed to put himself through business school by selling goods door to door. After school, he became an investment manager, and his ruthless, do-anything tactics quickly captured the notice of the Syndicate. After his induction into that Convention, Julian’s life was forever changed – he always thought money could do everything, but now he knew money could do anything, even the impossible. Julian was a rapidly rising star in the Technocracy, but there was one thing that bothered him; if money could do the impossible, there were people out there that could, and did, do the impossible, for free. If you couldn’t put a monetary value on their actions, then they threatened the whole system and had to be eliminated. Julian pulled strings and blackmailed and did whatever it took to allow for the creation of Mastermind, an immensely powerful Amalgam in Birmingham, whose only goal was to wipe out the impossible in that city.

Julian is a slick, ambitious young man who is willing to do anything to anyone to enrich himself. That being said, he truly believes in the power of the free market and sees himself as a person who will liberate humanity from its old prejudices
– if he should happen to become ludicrously wealthy along the way, so much the better.

Julian Sinclair entertained a temporary working partnership with Nicholas Black after repeated failed attempts to remove Black from the Birmingham equation, and learning that even Susan Smith had secret dealings with the man. He utilized this opportunity to buy time and leverage by launching an investigation into Nick’s finances and political history. After some time, Nicholas came to Julian with an offer of one million British pounds in exchange for investment information and protection from the Syndicate in order to grow his personal finances. Julian accepted and gave Nicholas information on up and coming stocks that happened to be in morally questionable companies such as African diamond mines, sweat shops, and weapons factories, adding this evidence against Nick to his dossier. Unbeknownst to Julian, Nicholas Black and Sarah Giles used the opportunity to expose Julian to The Mnemnophage.

Julian Sinclair invited Nick to his office in the top floor of the The Prometheus Building, where Nick was to give Julian the million pounds. He intended to use the opportunity to gloat about Nick’s undoing, but burned to death after spontaneously combusting in his office two weeks after exposure to The Mnemnophage. Nicholas Black calmly watched while smoking a cigarette before making an unusual exit from the building.

Julian Sinclair

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