Jon Rognavaldsson

An Icelandic sorcerer, searching for a path to Asgard


Rognavaldsson is a weathered and ancient man. His long white beard and hair brush the ground, not only due to their length but due to Rognavaldsson’s permanently hunched posture. His clothes are little more than rags, and his fingers and teeth are stained by the herbs and potions that he utilizes.


To assume from his miserable appearance that Rognavaldsson is a pathetic creature would be a deadly mistake, however. The ancient man is brimming with sorcererous power, paired with a ruthlessness to achieve victory at any cost; Rognavaldsson’s most powerful artifact, his necropants, are made from his former best friend, Tordur.

Rognavaldsson’s ultimate goal is to find Asgard, and take the Aesir to task. Over the centuries, he has developed a special flask that he believes can contain the essence of the Aesir and other similar beings, and by then consuming their essence he can make himself Lord of the Nine Realms, and finally take revenge on all those who have wronged him.

Jon Rognavaldsson is trying to find a way into Asguard to achieve his goal. Because The Circle are opposed to his goals, he has started to hinder their efforts more directly.

Jon Rognavaldsson was killed by Rory Cooper in a surprise assault on his sanctum by The Misfits who captured his soul and bound it to a beating heart to act a substitute for the Child of Night’s soul. The Circle was greatly relieved to learn that their greatest enemy had been killed.

Rory Cooper has learned a great deal about magic from Rognavaldsson’s library and the Misfits have utilized Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask with some degree of success.

Jon Rognavaldsson

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