John Honold

A grizzled old boxing instructor


Rory Cooper’s boxing coach, mentor, protector. He sees Rory as a son-figure in his life. He looks the other way when Rory sleeps the night at his gym. Honold would like to get Rory off the street, gainfully employed and training/coaching at the gym once more.

John has always been a good influence in Rory’s life, but as the young man becomes more and more involved in Awakened life in Birmingham, John can feel the young man drifting away. Honold doesn’t mind being left behind by Rory – in fact, it’s all he ever wanted for the boy – but he can only hope that Rory remembers some of the values he tried to teach him.

John took the news of Rory Cooper’s death particularly hard. While John tries not to think too much about it, it has left a feeling of emptiness which surprised the man. Rather than wallowing in despair, he continues to invest his life in training young men in the fine sport of boxing. This cause was aided by Nicholas Black in the form of a generous donation to purchase new equipment for the gym. While John despises the man, he wasn’t too proud to accept the donation, knowing that it would go a long way towards the benefit of his students. John begrudgingly gave Nicholas his first set of boxing gloves in exchange for the donation and posed with Nicholas for a picture in the paper.

John Honold

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