Jodi Alexson

An intrepid young reporter


Jodi Alexson is a young woman who is always smartly attired, although her blonde hair is often in disarray from her tendency to rush from place to place. She is never seen without a small pad of a paper and a pencil, as well as a tape recorder.


Jodi Alexson has always dreamed of being a world famous reporter; covering stories that really mattered, that shone a light on suffering and inequity, and helped change the world. Jodi was initially thrilled when she received a job as a reporter at the Birmingham Post straight out of Journalism School. Unfortunately for Jodi, her youthful appearance belied her drive and ambitions, and she was assigned to human interest pieces largely. Jodi was frustrated by her lack of opportunities. However, when she was assigned to do a community story on a church known as the The Church of the First Blood ,and she arrived at the Church to find a dead body on its front step, she thought that she would finally be able to make her break.

Jodi was instructed by Rory Cooper to call the police. Unfortunately, the icy conditions of a recent blizzard caused Jodi to fall and hit her head, and Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper helped Jodi realize that what she had thought was a dead body was in fact a goat, killed by the Travelers that the Church was hosting , for food. Officer Rickitz, who responded to the call, derided Jodi as a silly woman, and she was forced to file her original story about the charity of the Church in hosting the Travellers in the adverse weather. However, Jodi maintains her suspicions about the Church of the First Blood and its residents, and believes that she will eventually get her big break with a story about the Church. The Church of the First Blood’s recent place in the media, as being home to religious fanatics and terrorist extremists has only increased this conviction.

Jodi has mostly forgotten about the Church since it was supposedly destroyed and continues to hunt for breaking stories. She has been impressed on numerous occasions by Mother Mary Victoria who is a strong woman at the top of her field and has interviewed her on several occasions to broad reception, boosting her readership.

Jodi Alexson

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