Jezebel the Wandering Witch

Mercurial witch


Jezebel is a powerful, ageless witch. Members of the Verbena, refer to her as a gardener of the wick. She travels between realms and worlds, tending to the the ebb and flow of quintessential energies. Her presence feels ethereal to all who she meets and she rarely lingers in any one place for long. She has few dealings with the traditions as a whole, but the Verbena claim her as one of their own. She is well-known and mostly liked among the non-technologically oriented traditions.

She was Art Valentine’s first mentor. She appeared to him almost as soon as he pulled Excalibur from the stone cave where he discovered the sword. He traveled with her, learning a great deal as her student. One days, she took him to a cathedral in London and left him with Father Rose and excused herself by saying “When you need me again I will appear.”

Jezebel has wandered in and out of Art’s life since that time and rarely stays for long when she does appear. In one of her recent visits, Jezebel guided Art and Rory Cooper along the paths of the wick, instructing both of them in the use of the moon gates. Art also learned that Jezebel and Nicholas Black have some history that hints at going further back than ought to be possible.

Jezebel the Wandering Witch

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